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Peering partner ASN Type Protocol Encap. Where
Hurricane Electric, Inc. 6939 Full Upstream IPv6 Sit Frankfurt/Warsaw
Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd. 13030 Full Upstream IPv6 Sit Frankfurt/Warsaw
NetAssist LLC 29632 Full Upstream IPv6 Sit Frankfurt
Choopa LLC 20473 Full Upstream IPv6 - Frankfurt
IP-Max SA 25091 Full Upstream IPv6 Sit Warsaw
Radom IXP 58307 Full Upstream IPv6 Gre Warsaw
DevCapsule Ltd. 9178 Full Upstream/Downstream IPv6 Sit Frankfurt
United Peering UPIXP 8268 Full Upstream IPv6 Sit Frankfurt
Bodems 200490 Peering IPv6 Sit Frankfurt
SNAPSERV LTD 200753 Peering IPv6 Sit Frankfurt
aaNetworks 207036 Peering IPv6 Sit Frankfurt networks 207149 Peering IPv6 Sit Frankfurt
M-M-NETWORKS.NET 206499 Peering IPv6 Sit Frankfurt
Jan-Philipp Benecke 206479 Peering IPv6 Gre Frankfurt


  • Full Upstream - We getting full BGP table from that peer
  • Full Upstream/Downstream - We getting full BGP table and also provide transit for that peer
  • Peering - Depends, mostly clear peering between ASNs but it can be also a little transit in both ways but not full table
  • Warsaw - BGP session established on's Warsaw node
  • Frankfurt - BGP session established on's Frankfurt node
  • Frankfurt/Warsaw - BGP sessions established on on both nodes to different peer routers, redundancy

Peering policy

AS56662 has an open peering policy, however we do have several basic requirements.

Peering requirements

  • Route exchanges are done via BGPv4
  • Technical contact information must be provided
  • AS56662 requires that peers announce the same routing policy at all points where they peer with us, unless other arrangements are made
  • Peers must enforce strict filtering policies to prevent route leaks
  • Peers must cooperate in the troubleshooting of any peering related issues, denial of service attacks, UCE, hacking or virus penetration
  • Peers are prohibited from abusing our peering relationship by pointing default or resetting any next-hop
  • Peers are requested to peer at all common peering points
  • AS56662 reserves the right to not peer with anyone as we see fit and to terminate any peering at any time with 30 days notice.
  • AS56662 reserves the right to change this policy with 30 days notice
  • Whenever two peering contacts meet in person they are encouraged to raise glases in a toast to their successful peering

Requesting peering to AS56662

An ISP seeking peering should submit its request in writing via email providing the following information:

  • A brief description of its network (we just want to know who you are)
  • Peering-point(s) [currently only IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel or GRE available]
  • AS-Number
  • AS-set (if available)
  • Prefix limit we should use
  • Contact data

Applications for peering should be submitted to email.

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